Glider aircraft plans

These are most older plans for homebuilt aircraft.

Homebuilt sailplanes

Some of these may or may not be ultralights so may require a pilot's license to fly. Plans for Everything Mostly Free!

Home About Us Contact Us. Homebuilt Aircraft Plans These are most older plans for homebuilt aircraft. Image Description File Spec. Download Alco Sportplane: An interesting looking monoplane form the s that looks to be straightforward and sturdy.

This was once in production. Looks like at least one was built and flown. The article shows it doing aerobatics. Henri's family graciously offered his design to the public domain after his passing. THis has been and still is a popular homebuilt in Europe. Very well detailed large scale prints in French available now for free download. A bit more work than some but the results should be worth it. Looks like a LOT of fun! Nice designs like this just should not be allowed to fade into obscurity.

The article in in Spanish. This one is a two place version featuring a Ford Model A engine. Plans are metric. Alco Sportplane: An interesting looking monoplane form the s that looks to be straightforward and sturdy. Baby Bullet: An early racing monoplane of s design. Heath Biplane Glider: This 2-place glider was designed by one of the famous hombuilt aircraft pioneers, Heath.

Chilton High Performance Monoplane: A British design, this good looking airplane is very well detailed and looks well designed. Church Midwing: This is a mid-wing variant of the famous Heath Parasol, of which many were built and flown back in the depression era. Driggs Dart: Another popular s design, the Driggs was quite a popular plane among pioneering hombuilders.

Gere Biplane: A classic s biplane design for the home builder. Goat 4 Glider: A modern designed open glider, very well detailed. The Henderson Longster: Yet another vintahge ride that was popular way back when. The Lincoln Biplane: Looks pretty small to me, but might be just the thing for someone looking for an ultra compact homebuilt.

The Monerai Sailplane: A modern, high performance sailplane with a power option, now in the public domain. Pietenpol Air Camper: Perhaps one of the most famous, and most constructed early homebuilts. Powell PH Racer Biplane: Here's a good looking s small racing biplane that would be a great build today. Ramsey Flying Bathtub: Another famous and popular early homebuilt, the flying bathtub was easy to build and a supposedly flew very well.

Russian Argo: Here's a clean looking Russian design that looks pretty easy to build.The kit would have been all the metal work and the fabric to cover the wings and tail.

During my visit to that biggest airshow in the world, i saw that i needed to start working on another project. I abandoned the idea of making BirdGlider kits. Too good to not be available to the man of the street. And then it hit me. Why not do like Henri Mignet the person that started the homebuilding movement in ?

After the passing of Pierre Mignet son of Henri Mignet it was very unsure what would happen to the Mignet designs. Alain Mignet took the noble decision to place all the plans on the internet That way it is sure that the work of the Mignet family would not go to waste.

The Mignet family was my inspiration to begin with the BirdGlider. I saw the need for a airplane for the man of the street, like they did in 's. With this knowledge it became very easy for me to decide i would safe this glider for the man of the street by placing it on the internet.

The BirdGlider comes to you now. Use it to become airborne. Use it to realise your dream of flight Guys, i want to be generous to you. That is why i need to place some rules before you get access to the plans. Rule 1 This is a non-certified, non-tested airplane.

Build the BirdGlider using the plans at own risk. If you think i don't trust the BirdGlider, invite me when you finished the BirdGlider, like it is on plans. I will test-fly the first made glider gladly. Do it after learning about steering, weather, gliding, local aviation rules. And that will not even prevent you getting hurt. Every pilot knows a pilot who is no longer there, who is disabled or who stopped out of fear or old wounds. I say it again Rule 2 The plans may only be used for personal use only.

No commercial use is allowed. Not even selling printed plans. If you see somebody not behaving to this rule, tell me, give me his identity. The person will have to take the consequences of his deeds. I can be noble, but You are warned. Rule 3 You are not allowed to use the name BirdGlider if you altered the design. If i agree to your changes, you may use the name BirdGlider. But you are still not allowed to commercialise the plans. Rule 5 The plans are only allowed to be published on www.Instead, enthusiasts fly them by remotely controlling, via a handheld radio transmitter, the lift that comes from slopes and thermals.

Remote-control RC glider enthusiasts have become interested in building their own planes. While they are typically built to be extremely light, some are surprisingly heavy for this type of plane. For RC glider enthusiasts, these are some of the best free plans that are available for download. With a inch wingspan, it is available from the Outerzone website.

Designed by Aeromodeller in to mimic the classic Hawker Tempest fighter plane, this glider has a inch wingspan, one of the larger planes of its kind. With its camo-colored body, it looks cool in the sky, too.

At 12 inches, the Pocket Rocket is indeed a smaller glider. The Baby Jazz is a great plane for kids or for those just starting out in the RC glider world. With a inch wingspan, this sleek little glider is easy to build and fly. Don't be intimidated by the inch wingspan. The Glider No.

The Free Plans. Read this page before downloading!

Once you've mastered smaller and simpler planes, you might want to check out the Terraplane 22, available on the F4B Scale website. It has a inch wingspan and it a competition model that is best built and flown by experienced fliers.

Now we're getting into serious hobbyist territory. The Aquila, available for download at Outerzone, was designed in by Lee Renaud for Airtronics, for many years a highly reputable U.

glider aircraft plans

It has a inch wingspan and is for experienced builders. By Tina Samuels. Updated March 16, Technically these aircraft are ultralight sailplanes, but they are best described as "airchairs", which are simple, slow flying gliders with the pilot sitting out in the open air rather than inside a fuselage.

glider aircraft plans

My airchair dersigns are intended to provide open air soaring, forgiving flight characteristics, convenient transport, simple "garage technology" construction, and a high level of crash safety.

In the United States, all unpowered ultralights, including paragliders, hang gliders, and airchairs are regulated under FAR Partwhich allows gliders to be built and flown with no direct official oversight as long as they weigh less than lbs.

The complete descriptive drawings of the Pig1, Goat4, Bug4, and some of their predecessors are free and available for downloading in CAD format select "Drawings" from menu above.

In addition, the the Goat4 drawings can be viewed on the Web. My activities are noncommercial and all of the materials on my website are available for whatever purposes the user may consider worthwhile. A Bug, Goat, or Pig can be strapped down onto an ordinary hang glider rack, with no special saddles or pads.

Here we see me with Bug4 on my truck, ready to roll down the highway. Truck Tow. Rolling Launch. My gliders fly at about the same speeds as a hang glider, readily mixing with hang glider and paraglider traffic. No formal performance measurements have been made, but all are in the hang glider range and can stay up in good lift conditions.

I designed, built, and flew the Bug2, Bug4,Goatsand the Pig. In the Bug and Goats and have soared thousands of feet above take off altitude in each of them Pig1 has flown high but not soared as of this writing. Its construction is "low tech", at the hand drill and hacksaw level, for easy home building, from readily available materials it is made mostly from aluminum tubing and steel cable with polyester fabric covering.

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Light wing loading results in slow flight, which is safe, comfortable, and allows soaring in small thermals because of the ability to turn tightly. Slow flight provides the unique ability to self launch by rolling down open slopes, usually at the same mountain launch sites used by hang gliders and paragliders. This rolling launch has become a standard procedure for local weekend soaring.

How to make a great free flight glider with Balsa wood

The launch slope I most often use has a vertical drop of about 17 feet over a rolling distance of 72 feet so, the rolling distance is two wing spans for the Goat.

I launch here only with a headwind; a longer slope is required by me for calm air launching. Photo by Floyd Fronius, in Goat1.

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Li n ks:. Airchair Discussion Group Yahoo Forum. HillHopper Page. Irfanview photo viewer Beamboy beam analysis Bloop Ultralight Airplane. Favorite Video of Goat cross country soaring Update Page News. Pig Page. Technical Drawings.

Free Downloadable Glider Airplane Plans

Goat Page. An airchair can be launched by ultralight aerotow, car tow, winch cable, or just by rolling down an open slope. Ultralight Aero Tow. Open air soaring is a special kind of adventure.Having had problems getting an overview of what was available, I have put together the information gleaned from multiple sources.

Some information may be outdated. Many thanks to all who have supplied information. Join our mailing list! For those interested discussing aspects of homebuilt sailplanes, there is a dedicated discussion List.

If you want to join, then please type your E-mail address in the box below and then click on the "Join" icon. The purpose of the Sailplane Homebuilders Association is to stimulate interest in sailplane design and construction by homebuilders.

To establish classes, standards, categories, where applicable. To disseminate information relating to construction techniques, materials, theory and related topics. To give recognition for noteworthy designs and accomplishments. Membership in SHA will get you the newsletter which will connect you to a lot of people involved with the designing and constructing of homebuilt sailplanes. Most of these do not have a presence on the web.

His collected works have helped many a newcomer to sailplane building, understand the process as well as the history. Please bear in mind that this list is being restructured! Dual entries may occur and some of the information is dis-organized Regular Sailplanes Schreder sailplane designs Type HP Description The HP is built from a kit, which has recently come into production again.

Information on price, performance, etc. Kit includes all components, fiberglass and metal, wing skins are joined, complete jigs are available for joining fuselage and tail assembly.

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glider aircraft plans

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